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Introduction : How it All Started

( When Dream Inspired Deeds )

It was a January afternoon in 1989. Soaking up the winter sun, I fell asleep. What I beheld with my closed eyes changed my life for ever. The Omniprescent, the Eternal One, Sri Sai Baba appeared in front of me and ordained that I should go to Rohini and build a temple for him.Despite knowing the whereabouts I asked "Where is Rohini, Baba? What have I got to do with Rohini?" "You have a small plot in Rohini, Sector-3, Build the temple in that three side open plot", Baba replied .I was flabbergasted. "Will it be possible to build a temple on a 48sq. meter plot". I ventured. "What for I am", said the Divine Being and became invisible .

I pondered over the dream for several days and sought guidance from my parents, spouse and best friend M.L.Choudhary. Every one tried to dissuade me in light of the awesome responsibility that temple building came with but armed with devotion and faith, I busied myself with the project and the temple got ready. A 3 feet high statue of the Baba, made of white marble was commissioned from artists in Jaipur. After consultations with priests and other learned people, the day of 7th July 1989 was selected as being auspicious for the installation of the idol.

I reached the plot numbered G-27, Sector-3, on 30th June 1989, along with friends and family. After making arrangements for 7th July, every body departed for their homes I too left for my home after locking up the premises at 10.30 in the night, I accelerated my scooter in order to reach home early. But fate decreed otherwise. On the pitch dark, uneven and deserted stretch of outer Ring Road, my rear type burst and I was catapulted along with my vehicle across the road divider. I tried but could not more. And then a miracle happened. Baba materialiased before me in the form of rickshaw puller. He picked me up in his arms as if I weighed nothing and sat me on the rickshaw. He collected my scattered belongings, which included considerable cash and took me to Khalique Nursing Home in Sector-8, Rohini, Handing me over to the care of the doctor, he departed and was never seen again. I lost consciousness after that.

When I regained consciousness, one week later, I learnt that Dr. Khalique had, through my diary, been able to contact my close friend Mr. R.K. Goswamy, who in turn rang my family the doctor informed them of my accident and suspecting brain haemorrage, asked them to transfer me to a big hospital having appropriate medical facilities my family then transferred me to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where I was admitted to the Intensive care unit. I remained in coma for one week. Hearing of my accident, my friends and well wishers prayed for me in the Moti Nagar and Lodi Road temples. I am eternally grateful to them for their emotional support and other wise in my hour of need.

On the seventh day my family signed an undertaking, anthorising the Hospital to operate on me the next morning. The next morning was the day of the inauguration of the temple, which also meant installation of Baba’s idol. As I was being wheeld into the operation theatre, I saw Baba looking at me. I tried to call out to him but no voice came past my throat. I gestured for a paper and pen and intimated my family that I wanted to attend the temple inauguration at Rohini. The doctors responded by sedating me and later operated successfully on me.

Mean while, the temple was a scene of hectic activities. The installation of idol was followed by hymn recital by Saxena Brothers. And everybody prayed for my speedy recovery. On 20th August 1989, when by Baba’s grace, I was able to walk, I decided to re-install the idol on 30th August on a grand scale. On 30th August, the idol was re-installed amid a lot of fanfare. Bus loads of devotees arrived from as far as Lodi Road and Moti Nagar. There was a hymn recital later which was graced by Mr. Ram Swaroop Bhardwaj, the renowned sculptor from Jaipur, and in which he participated. Earlier, Baba had cautioned me in my dream that the crowds that day would be bursting at seams. Incidentally it rained earlier that day and the attendance of the people was thin. I remembered Baba’s word and waited for his prophecy to come true. It did. Around noon, the Rain gods relented and the people started thronging the temple. The same day, we held the inauguration of the philanthropic medical mission, the Aushadhalya.

The tiny temple in the Sector-3, plot of Rohini, acted like a beacon to devotees. As the tempo of temple’s activities rose, a few neighbours threw a spanner in our work. People complained to the Delhi Development Authority that the hectic goings on in the temple disturbed their routine. The temple was sealed by the D.D.A. and thus began a bout of wrangling with the D.D.A.

Looking back, I think this was a hint by Baba that we should acquire bigger pastures to tend to our flock. As suggested by the D.D.A., a society was registered. After a year and a half of running from pillar to post, the D.D.A. leased out a 360 sqm. Plot in Sector-7, Pocket D-10, Rohini, and it is here that we have carried forward the construction of the Sai temple ,Sanatana Dharma Temple and of course, the Aushadhalya.

I believe from the core of my heart that Baba gave me a new life for this work. My Second Coming as I call it is nothing short of a miracle. Life has never been a bed of roses for anyone. We face hurdles at every step. It is the faith and patience that we harbor for our beloved Baba, that will carry our boat through the tempests that blow across the oceans of life.

B.P. Makhija
Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir,
Rohini, Delhi (INDIA)

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